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Advanced Readout Integrated Circuits, Focal Plane Arrays, Evaluation Kits, and Camera Systems

Cyan Systems sells a family of high performance Readout Integrated Circuits (ROIC) that can be purchased on silicon wafers of various quantities.  Single and quantity focal plane arrays may also be purchased with either Cyan Systems or customer furnished compatible detector arrays.


If a full custom ROIC, image sensor, and/or integrated camera system is required, Cyan Systems is happy to discuss your needs.


International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) apply to Cyan Systems sensor technology.  All sales are subject to the export control laws of the U.S. Government.

Readout Integrated Circuits

Cyan Systems’ powerful sensor technology includes HD small pixel readout integrated circuits that provide improved fidelity including enhanced image resolution, on-ROIC advanced pixel correlation processing that reduces false alarm rates, superior target detection range, and improved ability to track closely spaced objects.  In addition, depending on the sensor, the devices can operate at high frame rates, and include either analog or digital video outputs.  The CS-2 ROIC even incudes on-ROIC motion computation capability.  Detailed information on each device follows.


CS-3: 2.4 Mpixel Small Unit Cell Readout Integrated Circuit
Leading-edge HD+ small unit cell ROIC enables dim target, low observable detection.


The CS-3 small unit cell event detection ROIC has a 2040 x 1156 format and 5 µm unit cell.

Key Features:

2.4M active unit cells (2040 H x 1156 V)
Small unit cell pitch (5 µm)
Multiple detector type compatibility
Direct Injection unit cell preamplifier
Effective noise suppression
Multiple operating modes
Dim target, low observable detection
False alarm suppression
Mitigation of turbulence effects
Extended target detection range
Full frame rate 60 Hz (typ), 100 Hz (max)
SPI-based command & control interface

Click here for the CS-3 ROIC Product Brochure

Scientific Imaging CS-4: 2.1 Mpixel Digital Readout
Integrated Circuit High speed windowing HD 1080 ROIC with digital video output simplifies system integration and imaging.


The CS-4 high speed windowing ROIC has a 1920 x 1080 format and 12 µm unit cell pitch. Enables “Plug and Play” directly into digital frame grabbers.

Key Features:

2.1M active unit cells (1920 H x 1080 V)
Unit cell pitch (12 µm)
Direct Injection unit cell preamplifier
Accommodation for large detector bias
P-on-N or N-on-P detector bias compatible
Detector short-circuit protection
Unit cell over-voltage clamping
Effective noise suppression
Advanced features, e.g. digital cal., BPR
Automatic in-pixel background subtraction
Full frame rate up to 120 Hz
Programmable windowing operation
SPI-based command & control interface
Camera Link Base, Medium, 80b Full

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CS-2: Motion Computation Readout
Integrated Circuit Advanced high frame rate motion computation ROIC operates in multiple modes.



The CS-2 advanced motion computation ROIC has a 320 x 256 format and 30 µm unit cell pitch.

Key Features:

81,920 active unit cells (320 H x 256 V)
Multiple detector type compatibility
Suitable for high leakage detectors
Accommodation for large detector bias
CTIA unit cell preamplifier
Dark current noise suppression
Spatial processing
On-ROIC motion computation
Snapshot variable time integration
320 x 256 frame rate up to 60 Hz
32 x 32 tiled frame rate up to 3.1 kHz
I2C-bus command interface

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Focal Plane Arrays

Cyan Systems sells CS-2, CS-3, and CS-4 ROIC based focal plane arrays. Please contact Cyan Systems for details.

Image Sensor Evaluation Kits

Cyan Systems sells readout integrated circuit evaluation kits for the CS-3 and CS-4 devices that enable our customers to fully evaluate the features and performance of these devices. Please contact Cyan Systems for details. 

Camera Products

Cyan Systems offers CS-2, CS-3, and CS-4 sensor based fully integrated camera products. Please contact Cyan Systems for details. 

Customer Specified Requirements

Cyan Systems provides engineering services including full custom readout integrated circuits, focal plane arrays, and camera systems. Please contact Cyan Systems to discuss your specific needs.

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