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Cyan Systems’ Advanced Infrared Imaging Capability Enables Numerous Applications

Cyan Systems’ state-of-the-art high definition small pixel pitch sensors incorporate advanced techniques that enable high resolution imaging of hard to detect targets at longer ranges.


There are multiple benefits to small pixel based oversampling that are summarized in Figure 1.



Further illustrating the benefits of small pixel pitch imagers, Figure 2 shows the results of two imager model simulations where the upper left and lower left frames contain raw photon signal and noise as a circled dim object (< 10,000 e-) travels through the field of view.  The top row of frames illustrate a small (5 micron) pixel pitch array while the bottom row illustrates a larger (25 micron) pixel pitch array.  The top and bottom right frames show the results of the 5 and 25 micron pixel pitch binary image respectively after applying a background filter with a common threshold and pixel correlation.  Identified with a circle, the upper right frame of the 5 micron array shows the dim object detected and tracked in the cluttered background whereas the 25 micron pixel pitch array was not successful detecting the object.


5 micron pixel pitch array simulation

25 micron pixel pitch array simulation

Figure 2

Cyan Systems’ family of advanced infrared imaging technology can be used for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, research and development, surveillance and security, high speed imaging, and tracking of moving objects.


Research and development applications include target tracking, projectile analysis, heat dissipation and thermal characteristics, combustion processes, and gas imaging.


Research and Development
Surveillance and Security
Cyan Systems’ high resolution, small pixel sensors have broad application to surveillance and security.  Some of these include wide area surveillance for shipboard defense, UAV detection, land, port and coastal surveillance, forward operating bases and compound surveillance, airport, airfield and prison surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, and offshore platform security. 

Cyan Systems’ high speed HD thermal imaging sensors provide unprecedented resolution and sensitivity ideally suited for military applications including tracking, target signature, munitions testing, and identification.

High Speed Imaging


Tracking Moving Objects


Cyan Systems’ high performance ROICs and image sensors enhance tracking system performance of long range, dim moving targets in low light and/or unfavorable conditions.

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